The average price of Ahwatukee real estate for sale priced below $600,000 was up by $21,507 an 8.76% increase from same time last year.

Ahwatukee Real Estate Average Sold Price Increases By 8.76%

This past August, homeowners looking to sell received on the average 98% of the original asking price. The average list price was $272,453 and the average final selling price was $267,106. The average list price for all homes priced under $600,000 in August of 2012 was $249,087 and the average selling price was $245,599.
In August of last year, homeowners selling their homes in Ahwatukee were selling homes for about 99% of the asking price on the average.
Even though the percentage of selling price to initial asking price is slightly less than last August, sellers are seeing more money in their pocket than last August.

Ahwatukee Real Estate Market Sees More Activity in $200,000 and $299,999 Price Range

Majority of the Ahwatukee real estate activity last month happened to be within the price range of  $200,000 to $299,999.
43% of actual buyers who not only put in an offer but actually walked away with a home priced below $600,000 bought a home that was priced for sale between $200,000 and $299,999.

Number of Homes sold by price on the Ahwatukee Real Estate market in August 2013

Number of Homes sold by price on the Ahwatukee Real Estate market in August 2013

More than half of these home buyers used a conventional loan to purchase the property with the others using cash or a FHA loan.
60% of new Ahwatukee home owners using a FHA loan were also in this price range.

For a home owner looking to sell a home on the Ahwatukee Real Estate Market, in this price point, you have a better chance of finding a ready buyer, getting the full asking price and actually selling your home.
The average final selling price of these homes was $243,639 compared to the original asking price of $247,410, almost 99% of the list price.

New Homes that came up for Sale on Ahwatukee Real Estate Market

Out of the 161 homes that were put on the market in Ahwatukee for sale last month, 50 of them were asking for $200,000 to $299,999, so these 50 homeowners have a pretty higher chance of selling faster than the others.
Out of this 50 homes, 5 were short sale homes with only 2 foreclosures.

In fact Ahwatukee had only a total of 5 foreclosed homes coming up for sale in August and 17 short sale homes for sale priced $600,000 and below.
Only 2 of the 161 homeowners who decided to sell in August were able to sell their homes by the end of the month.
Another 41 of them have accepted an offer from a buyer and in the process of selling their home.