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Ahwatukee is a Suburb of the City of Phoenix, nestled on the south side of South Mountain on the west of I-10 between Baseline and Pecos Rd. This suburb seems detached from the City of Phoenix by location but gets all its services through the City of Phoenix. 
Residents and visitors to this suburb have access to “ALEX”, one of City of Phoenix’s free circulator routes, a smaller bus providing free transportation through out some Phoenix neighborhoods.


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Ahwatukee, a Suburb of the City of Phoenix

Ahwatukee is a Suburb of Phoenix. It is nestled on the south side of South Mountain on the west of I-10 between Baseline and Pecos Rd.

This Neighborhood is sometimes known as “The Big Cul De Sac” because have to exit it the same way you entered it, there is no through way.
Residents and Home owners in Ahwatukee have access to hiking, biking, star gazing and great mountain views.

Since Ahwatukee is located right at the base of South Mountain, the south side, living here gives you direct access to trails such as the Telegraph Pass Trail, Bursera Trail, Pyramid Trail and Desert Classic Trail.
Neighborhood events are available all year round organized by the Foothills Women’s Club as well as the Wine and Beer Festival and The Holiday Kickoff Party organized by the Ahwatukee Festival of Lights organization.

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